NeoRhythm – Scientifically Proven

NeoRhythm’s stimulation frequencies are based on numerous scientific studies and correspond to what our brain produces naturally. The brain functions in specific wave forms, depending on our activities. NeoRhythm simply matches these naturally-occurring patterns and encourages the mind to follow NeoRhythm’s lead. It’s the most natural way to gently influence your mind in your preferred direction.

Our minds respond by synchronizing with the frequencies produced by NeoRhythm, resulting in the perfect environment for your desired state of mind. This beneficial activity is called “brain entertainment.”

Choose Your Mindset = A Big Advantage

NeoRhythm uses low-intensity magnetic fields with maximum magnetic flux density of 20-25 Gauss (2-2.5 mT) to generate the right frequencies for brainwave entrainment. Such intensity has been confirmed to be effective but still non-invasive and safe to use. But how can NeoRhythm be more effective than rTMS devices that use much more powerful magnetic fields?

Because of well-thought positioning of 5 magnetic-field-generating inverted coils, which separately and in-tune target specific areas in the brain (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe) or spinal cord to offer the largest and most precise stimulation area on the market today.

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Your Ideal Travel Companion

Did a lot of uncomfortable travel and lack of sleep ruin the first day of your vacation? Did jetlag scupper a great business opportunity because your presentation lacked focus (and was accompanied by lots of yawning?) Did you travel so far to get home for the holidays only to be grumpy with your relatives because you were overtired? 

Not with NeoRhythm as your traveling companion. 

Slip it on to relax, meditate or sleep when you’re traveling. Then, when you arrive and the time is right, switch it to a different setting to energize your mind and body, then concentrate for your presentation. 

Once you experience the joy of traveling with NeoRhythm, you’ll never leave home without it.

Traveling with NeoRhythm is easy and elegant. Its compact, sturdy design is a light 105 grams, so you won’t even know you’re carrying it–until you need it, and you’ll be glad it’s there.

Designed with Comfort in Mind

NeoRhythm is not the first portable PEMF device, but it is the world’s first to offer a unique user experience, without wires or control buttons. Simply tape twice on the device to select the last mode used or tap twice to select another mode through the app on your smartphone.

Elegant and Efficient

NeoRhythm is a beautiful object. Its smooth surface is comfortable and sleak, with no buttons or wires. The clean, minimalist design is an elegant off-white and it comes with a designer stand that turns it into an attractive, eye-catching sculpture, when it is not in use. It’s as light as possible, weighing in at just 105 grams, making it easy to carry everywhere you go. Yet it is sturdy enough to endure the accidental drops or bumps that life brings.

One Size Fits All

NeoRhythm is flexible enough to adapt to most shapes and sizes of heads. If it is too NeoRhythm is designed to adapt easily to heads of all shapes and sizes. If you find it a bit too big for you, you can add soft pads that are included in the package.

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Keep it simple with an intuitive, easy-to-use NeoRhythm App for smartphones.

Step-by-step instructions are included on how to set up and start using your NeoRhythm. // Simply connect your NeoRhythm to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

For Easier Handling & More Comfortable Use

NeoRhythm does not need to be connected to your phone while in use–that is one of its greatest strengths. You only need to use the app if you want to select a new program. If you wish to continue with the last program you used, simply tap NeoRhythm twice and it will begin working.