Omnipemf Distributors

Omnipemf is a breakthrough brand with an unprecedented ability to deliver fast, effective, safe, and affordable PEMF devices worldwide.

We would like to collaborate with:

  • Online stores with more than 3 years of online presence
  • Distributors across the world

With unique, cutting-edge technology, sleek and innovative product design, and powerful buzz online, NeoRhythm is now expanding its presence in international markets.

We are seeking highly experienced distributor partners with proven track records of successfully selling and marketing international brands in selected countries.

Join us in achieving something truly remarkable by bringing NeoRhythm into your clients’ homes, and making PEMF therapy affordable and accessible.

Please write us at to start an initial discussion.

Distributors - Omnipemf 1
Distributors - Omnipemf 2 United Kingdom

NewMed Ltd.

NewMed Ltd
Station Road
Harrietsham, Maidstone
United Kingdom
ME17 1JA

Distributors - Omnipemf 3
Distributors - Omnipemf 2 Norway

Uno Vita AS Clinic

Uno Vita AS
Sjøgata 15
1516 Moss

Distributors - Omnipemf 5
Distributors - Omnipemf 2 Germany

TITAN Commerce GmbH

TITAN Commerce GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 13
35440 Linden

Distributors - Omnipemf 7
Distributors - Omnipemf 2Romania


7 Intrarea Roma, District 1,
Across Policlinica S.R.I.
Bucharest, Romania

Distributors - Omnipemf 9
Distributors - Omnipemf 2 Estonia

Biohacker Center

Biohacker Center Online Oü
Jahu 12-210, 10415 Tallinn

Distributors - Omnipemf 11
Distributors - Omnipemf 2New York

High Tech Healing, LLC

High Tech Healing, LLC
PO Box #46, Clifton Park
New York, NY 12065
United States

Distributors - Omnipemf 13
Distributors - Omnipemf 2New York


215 West 125th Street, 4th Floor,
New York, NY 10027
United States