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Omnipemf specializes in developing medical and wellness devices using non-invasive magnetic technology that target specific brain areas to aid with sleep, relaxation, meditation, mental capacity enhancement, and physical wellbeing.
Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of PEMF technology for enhancing life quality.

Omnipemf’s mission to “Enjoy better living” reflects our commitment to improving the lives of individuals worldwide, which we have consistently achieved.

We strive for honesty and transparency and encourage existing and potential users to share knowledge, feedback and advice. Join our Community to get in touch with our team, get access to PEMF professionals, and enter exclusive Community giveaways.

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Collaborate and develop with us

We are open to cooperation with research organizations and technology companies that fit our scope. Our development program allows you to contribute to the future of PEMF science through testing new technologies, shaping ideas, collecting specific measurements, and sharing feedback.

Visit the Neopemf website for more information on how to modify low-intensity PEMF devices, hardware and software.

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For any questions or concerns, please utilize our Support form to get in touch.