We Want to Make Your Life Better.

And by harnessing the power of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), we really can.

OmniPEMF is a brand of innovative wellness devices for home and professional use, available worldwide. OmniPEMF devices help tens of thousands of people day after day to perform better, sleep better, cope with chronic pain better and live better in general.

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Big Technology
in Small Devices

PEMF technology has been used in big, expensive wellness devices for decades with great success. But we know how to fit big technology into small wearable devices, which are available for regular use to practically everyone.

Guided by

All our products are based on science and years of our own research. OmniPEMF devices are thoroughly tested and proven effective by scientific studies. And we are proud to collaborate with neurostimulation researchers, professionals and other experts to make our products effective and safe to use.

Unbeatable User

The OmniPEMF brand is a product of the 21st century. We want to offer the world advanced technologies that are fitting for the time we live in. Our devices are thus made smart, gesture controlled and easy to use, and we are glad to include all our customers into our networks of better living, shared best practices and memorable experiences.

A Team of Experts

MDCN Technologies, Inc. is an innovator company with offices in both US and Europe, and research & support activities all over the world.
Over the years, we have assembled an ambitious team of 15+ experts in various fields.

A Multidisciplinary Board of Advisers

We have invited prominent experts in the fields of electromagnetic science, neuroscience and technology to work with us in various phases of development. Together, we develop new ideas and solutions in the field of PEMF devices with a common goal: to improve the quality of life for all.

Join Our Development Program

We are open to cooperation with all research organizations and technology companies that fit in our scope. By testing new technologies, shaping ideas, collecting specific measurements and sharing feedback, our development program allows you to contribute to the future of PEMF science.

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