Omnipemf in the press

NeoRhythm in the press

NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution

“Easy to use, supported by research, and multi-functional –
these are everything that we are looking for.”

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NeoRhythm in Press: Tech Times

NeoRhythm – Neurostimulation Headband that Hacks Your Brain to Remove Stress and Fatigue

“The brain processes information about how we feel, behave and perform. The electrical footprint of its function is seen in the form of brain waves, which change depending on our activity.”

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NeoRhythm in Press: Wearable Technologies

The Technology Empowering Great Sleep

“Now, you can manage your pain safely – without pills and medication by using headbands like NeoRhythm that uses your brain waves to help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate faster.”

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NeoRhythm in Press:

Electromagnetic band self-experiment

“Incredible: The stinging office back pain is subsiding.”

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NeoRhythm in Press: Bild

NeoRhythm: Breakthrough in Brain Science

“NeoRhythm emits scientifically-validated frequencies that are characteristic for a certain state of mind. The brain adapts to these frequencies, reaching the desired state of mind quicker and easier.”

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NeoRhythm in Press: Mashable