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De-stress and relax
in minutes

PEMF can help you achieve
a relaxed and tranquil state

Experience rapid relaxation with PEMF therapy. In just minutes, immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of electromagnetic waves, promoting deep calmness and stress relief. Embrace the power of quick and effective relaxation – your rejuvenation journey begins here.

How can PEMF help you relax?

  • By pulsating extremely low frequency at a non-invasive intensity, PEMF is one of the safest technologies – able to relax you without chemicals.
  • With committing to a daily routine, a PEMF device can help you de-stress, reset, and focus again in a matter of minutes.
  • Choose from the variety of our Quick Start Programs: Deep Relaxation, Calm & Synchronization, and Theta Meditation, and enjoy the power of PEMF to help you relax your mind and body.
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Enjoy relaxation without drugs or side-effects

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PEMF emits frequencies
that are natural

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Produces zero side

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No codependency or

Participants in the study reported immense relaxation with NeoRhythm

Confirmed by a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Volunteers reported decreased tension, less fatigue, and increased relaxation after using NeoRhythm. The end results and observation were compared to their state of mind prior to the research. The biggest drop can be seen in the Tension column, whereas the highest boost is in the Relaxation column.

Access the entire study here

Decrease your heart rate in less than ten minute

Confirmed by a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

In studies where participants’ heart rates were monitored while using NeoRhythm, people had significantly lower heart rates on average after only ten minutes. A calmer, more relaxed heart means a calmer, more relaxed mind and body and a better you.

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Benefits from using PEMF

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“I find the Deep Relaxation really working… The main thing is that I now have energy and don’t need to sleep during the day. I have enthusiasm and can think clearly.”


FB community member

“I did 30 min Deep Relaxation mode. I was truly shocked when I checked 20 variables derived from heart rate variability – radically better! In fact, the best measurements I’ve ever had! Such radical improvement is amazing.”


FB community member

“The device delivered instant results. As an experienced user of brainwave entrainment of 10 years, I can confirm it.”


FB community member

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naturally occurring frequencies


Deep relaxation

The Deep Relaxation program induces a predominance of Alpha brainwaves. Your brain synchronizes with these frequencies, creating optimal conditions for relaxation, which will in turn allow you to de-stress, feel calm, and reach a state of emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Theta Meditation

Theta brainwaves occur when you are still awake, but your mind is deeply relaxed, almost asleep. It might feel that dreamy twilight state right before you fall asleep or when your brain is zoned-out and on autopilot. Use the Theta Meditation setting when you want to think deeply and creatively, use mental imagery, or make free-flowing connections.

Calming & Synch Meditation

When your brain is calm and relaxed – not really focusing on anything or thinking about one thing in particular – it is producing alpha waves. The calming and synchronization setting on the NeoRhythm guides your brain into an alpha state. At this level, your meditation is calm, balanced, and centered while your cognition is elevated.

“Our clients have utilized NeoRhythm as an effective tool to increase restorative sleep, decrease stress and essentially retrain the brain. We have found that this technology outperforms other devices hands down.”

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