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How to Start Using NeoRhythm

  1. Charge your NeoRhythm. By charging it for the first time you unlock it.

  2. Download the NeoRhythm App to your mobile device from Android or IOS app store.

  3. Accept the terms of use and click the EASY LOGIN button. Go through the manual guides by clicking NEXT until you reach the last guide page and click FINISH GUIDE.

  4. Tap NeoRhythm once right next to the led light indicator or micro USB port to wake it up. It will start blinking green (1 blink per 5 seconds) to show you it’s ready for your next command.

4. Activate Bluetooth® on your mobile device and connect it to NeoRhythm (or just follow the instructions in the app). If having an Android phone make sure you have GPS (Location) ON. Detailed instructions on HOW TO PAIR MOBILE DEVICE WITH NEORHYTHM are available in the manual you can download below.

5. Once successfully connected, click NEXT, change the settings if desired and proceed to select the desired stimulation program. Choose the desired stimulation duration, click SELECT and tap the device twice to start the stimulation (accepted command will be confirmed by 1 short vibration).

6. To stop and change the current stimulation program, tap your NeoRhythm twice (confirmed by 2 short vibrations). Select a different stimulation program from the Session menu, choose the duration, press SELECT in the app and then tap the device twice (confirmed by a short vibration and one green blink per second).

7. Simply tap NeoRhythm twice to repeat the last program used (confirmed by 1 short vibration).

How do I know?

  1. How to turn off? Tap NeoRhythm twice to stop the current program. It will turn off in a few minutes.

  2. How to check if stimulation is in process?Check if the green light is blinking (1 blink per second). Each stimulation program also starts with 1 short vibration. Or you can use the included test tube with a magnet to confirm the presence of a magnetic field.

  3. How do I know NeoRhythm is charging? Orange light means it is charging. No light while charging means it is fully charged. Blinking red light (1 blink per second) means the battery is low.

  4. How do I know NeoRhythm is connected to my phone? Blinking orange light (1 blink per second) means it is connected to your mobile device (and no stimulation program is running).

Headband Positions

NeoRhythm has five specially designed coils that generate electromagnetic fields. The ability to adapt stimulation zones to the chosen program is a unique advantage of NeoRhythm – an advantage that enables it to target the right part of the brain more efficiently. Changing the headband’s position for up to about an inch and a half (3-4 cm) won’t decrease its effectiveness or interfere with its functioning in any significant way.

Customization of NeoRhythm’s Headband

How to Stick the Extra Pads for a Perfect Fit

1. Remove the protective foil on the pad to expose its self-adhesive surface.

2. Align the edges of the pad with the edges of the corresponding area on the headband and stick just the edges first.

3.Press the middle of the pad down to the surface of the headband to stick the remainder of the pad.

Failing to stick the edges first as described may result in pads not being aligned with the surface of the headband.

Selecting the Duration of a Program

NeoRhythm app allows customizing the duration of each stimulation program to better suit individual needs of users. However, by following the recommendations below you might improve its effectiveness and decrease the risk of suffering any adverse effects. Please note that some people are more sensitive to pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation and might need to adjust their stimulation protocols.

Improve Sleep
We recommend 20 minutes before sleep and up to 8 hours between sleep with 5-minute breaks after each 20 minutes of stimulation (already preprogrammed).

Pain Control
We recommend 40 minutes of stimulation twice per day.

Enhance Mental Capacity
We recommend 30 minutes of stimulation up to 3 times per day.

Theta Meditation & Meditation for Calming & Synchronization
Use for the duration of the meditation.We recommend 30 minutes of stimulation up to 3 times per day.

Deep Relaxation
We recommend 30 minutes of stimulation once or twice per day.

Energy & Vitality
We recommend 30 minutes of stimulation once or twice per day.

NeoRhythm FAQ


How Do I Use NeoRhythm?

NeoRhythm has been carefully designed to offer a variety of stimulation modes for best effects and at the same time be simple to use. You can find detailed instructions on how to use it in other sections of this website and in the User Manual that is included in the NeoRhythm package and available for download from this page.

Does NeoRhythm use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology?

Both. TMS is just a narrower term, a specific example of using PEMF to stimulate the brain. It is the same technology, which employs electromagnetic fields to reach the desired effect.

What Is the Intensity of NeoRhythm?

NeoRhythm can be classified as a medium intensity repetitive transcranial stimulation (MI rTMS) device. It generates magnetic fields with maximum magnetic flux density of 25 G (2.5 mT), which are still considered both safe and effective. Some devices on the market use weaker magnetic fields and some stronger. NeoRhythm doesn’t require very strong magnetic fields since its power is greatly boosted by the largest and the most precise stimulation area on the market today.

What Can I Do If I’m Not Satisfied with the Product?

The results sometimes show after a few weeks of use, so continue using your NeoRhythm for a while if you have only started. If you are still not satisfied, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Contact our Support Team for more information.


Is NeoRhythm Safe?

Yes. When magnetic fields reach the brain, they produce very small electrical currents. Since the brain itself uses electricity to send and receive signals to/from other parts of the body, the process is not unnatural to the body.

NeoRhythm is non-invasive and safe to use.

Who Can and Can’t Use NeoRhythm?

NeoRhythm is generally safe for use. However, people with certain medical conditions SHOULD NOT use the device:

  • People with pacemakers or other electronic implants, cochlear implants or mechanical heart valves
  • Women with non-MRI-safe intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • People with epilepsy
  • People with Graves’ disease
  • People with active bleeding
  • Organ transplant patients
  • People under 18 years of age
  • People with breast implants
  • We suggest consulting your healthcare professional before using NeoRhythm if you have any medical condition or any concerns regarding the use of such technology.

Can NeoRhythm Be Used during Pregnancy?

Safety of pulsed electromagnetic fields has not been established in pregnancy, although there is no evidence of harm. We advise AGAINST using NeoRhythm during pregnancy.

How Often Can I Use NeoRhythm?

In general, it is not possible to overdose with magnetic stimulation. However, certain people are more sensitive to such therapy than others. We advise all users to follow the recommended time for each mode of stimulation.

Will I Feel Pain During Stimulation with NeoRhythm?

You should not feel any pain while using NeoRhythm. Many people experience a feeling of wellness and relaxation during stimulation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

People who are sensitive to magnetic field therapy may experience general adverse side effects such as (but not limited to) fatigue, increase of pain, weakness, dizziness, fainting episodes, prickly sensations and palpitations.

Magnetic stimulation increases blood flow and can reduce blood pressure and slow heart rate. This are generally considered as positive effects, but can cause discomfort to some users – elderly, people with broken bones and people on blood-pressure medication and/or unstable blood pressure.

Most adverse reactions can be mitigated with a protocol adjustment – shorter and less frequent use. Consult your physician if you notice any side effects or are afraid of having them due to your medical condition.

What Can I Do to Maximize the Effects of Using NeoRhythm?

In addition to using the device as recommended, you can also eat a diet rich in magnesium and drink enough water.

How Long Should the Stimulation Last for Any Chosen Mode?

We are all different, so our bodies and minds react somewhat differently to neurostimulation. Each user should follow general instructions and adjust the use as per their needs if required.

Each stimulation mode has a recommended duration and frequency of use to maximize the effect and lower the risk for any potential side effects connected to over-sensitivity to such stimulation.

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