NeoRhythm guide ”How-to”

1.How to turn off? Tap NeoRhythm twice to stop the current program. It will turn off in a few minutes.

2. How to check if stimulation is in process? Check if the green light is blinking (1 blink per second). Each stimulation program also starts with 1 short vibration. Or you can use the included test tube with a magnet to confirm the presence of a magnetic field.

3. How do I know NeoRhythm is charging? Orange light means it is charging. No light while charging means it is fully charged. Blinking red light (1 blink per second) means the battery is low.

4. How do I know NeoRhythm is connected to my phone? Blinking orange light (1 blink per second) means it is connected to your mobile device (and no stimulation program is running).

NeoRhythm guide ''How do I know?''