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Find the Best NeoRhythm Device for your Needs

Find the Best NeoRhythm Device for your Needs - Omnipemf NeoRhythm device 4

Are you considering using a PEMF device to improve your health and well-being? PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is a type of treatment […]

Are you considering using a PEMF device to improve your health and well-being? PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is a type of treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate cells and improve overall health.

At Omnipemf, we have created three PEMF products that cater to your needs, lifestyles, and preferences. Below is a breakdown of each of the characteristics on which you can base your decision on:


NeoRhythm Tube

Find the Best NeoRhythm Device for your Needs - Omnipemf NeoRhythm device 8

Budget 5/5

If you are looking for the most affordable, portable, and versatile option, the Tube is for you. Featuring an ergonomic design, that can be supportive of your neck and lower back, the Tube was designed to be adjusted to any car seat – allowing you to enjoy PEMF while driving, traveling, or even while working in the office.

In the shape of a neck pillow, the Tube is discreet and small, yet still features the same programs, power, and frequencies as the other Omnipemf products.


Portability 5/5

The Tube is made for travelers or office workers, with heigh-adjustable straps that can be attached to any car seat, plane or train seat, office chair, or placed on top of your luggage. However, the Tube is not our smallest PEMF product, which would be the Wearable.



  • Focus 5/5

The Tube was designed to fit the needs of people spending a long time working at their desks, frequent travelers, commuters, and everyone who is on the go and wants to stay focused when needed. The Tube will keep your neck lengthened, providing optimal support while you are sitting, adjusting your muscles over time, and helping you practice good posture. It can be placed on the neck area or the back.

  • Recovery/Pain 4/5

The Tube is perfect for everyone suffering from localized pain, especially back aches. The Tube can be used at any time and is suitable for traveling, to prevent painful back tension while traveling.

  • Meditation 3/5

The Tube allows for optimal back support, so it’s best to use it for sitting (in a chair) or lying meditations instead of the cross-legged, lotus position.

  • Sleep 3/5 

Since the Tube’s shape works great for supporting your back muscles while sitting, it can be too stiff to sleep on, especially if you are used to a specific shape of a pillow. You can still use it on your headrest, next to you, or on your nightstand while you sleep.


NeoRhythm Wearable

Find the Best NeoRhythm Device for your Needs - Omnipemf NeoRhythm device 9

Portability 5/5

The Wearable is even smaller than a pair of over-ear headphones. It comes with a protective pouch which can be taken anywhere with you.


Budget 4/5 

Wearable is one of the smallest, yet most powerful PEMF devices on the market. Designed to fit any body part, the device is versatile and lightweight, yet still durable and effective. It is our most expensive product, but still one of the more affordable PEMF options on the market today.



  • Focus 5/5

The Wearable is our first PEMF device, designed with workers, parents, creatives, and entrepreneurs in mind. It can be worn anywhere and easily controlled at the tap of your fingers. Use at home, in the office, running errands, or even while traveling.

  • Recovery/Pain 3/5

Because of its U-shape, the Wearable is great to adjust to your legs, arms, or neck, but since we are all shaped differently, the wearable may not be so easily attachable to anyone. Especially for back pain, we recommend the Pad or the Tube.

  • Meditation 5/5

With the non-slip pads, NeoRhythm stays put during the entire meditation. You practically won’t even know it’s there.

  • Sleep 5/5 

The Wearable can be put under your pillow, in a protective pouch. For most users, the Wearable can provide the same effect even if placed further away from them, on the nightstand or the pillow next to them.


NeoRhythm Pad

Find the Best NeoRhythm Device for your Needs - Omnipemf NeoRhythm device 10

Budget 5/5

Omnipemf’s PEMF Pad is one of the most affordable PEMF mats on the market. Featuring 5 coils, 12 programs, and 25+ custom frequencies, the Pad is also the most customizable PEMF mat available.


Portability 3/5

Since the Pad is our largest device, it can be harder to pack with you when you are traveling or driving, and it’s mostly recommended for home use.



  • Focus 3/5

The Pad can be placed on any chair, seat, bed, or floor, but can’t be adjusted as much as the Tube or the Wearable, making the Pad more appropriate for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, and recovery, rather than productive, brainstorming office work.

  • Recovery/Pain 5/5

The Pad can provide one of the most effective localized treatments, making it especially useful when trying to recover from an injury, physical strain, or heavy illness. Our new Pad cover with Celliant was designed to speed up the recovery process with thermoregulating material, which increases local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation. PEMF with thermoregulation results in one of the fastest recoveries possible.

  • Meditation 4/5

Place your Pad under you while you meditate, whether sitting or lying down.

  • Sleep 5/5 

The Pad is the perfect complement to your pillow while you sleep. Use it under your pillow, as a pillow or under your body on the area that is causing you discomfort.


It’s also important to use a PEMF device consistently to see the best results. Many people find it helpful to set aside a specific time each day for PEMF therapy, to establish a routine. This can help you get into the habit of using the device and ensure that you’re using it consistently.

Another way to maximize the benefits of a PEMF device is to use it in conjunction with other healthy habits. For example, if you’re using a PEMF device to improve your sleep, it might be helpful to also establish a regular sleep routine, avoid caffeine and electronics before bed, and create a comfortable sleep environment. By combining PEMF therapy with other healthy habits, you can maximize its benefits and improve your overall well-being.

Finally, it’s important to remember that PEMF therapy is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. While it may have some potential health benefits, it should not be used in place of proven medical therapies. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment.

Overall, using a PEMF device effectively requires a combination of following the manufacturer’s instructions, using it consistently, and incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle. By following these guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of PEMF therapy and improve your overall health and well-being.

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