Set Up your NeoRhythm

  1. Charge your NeoRhythm.
  2. Download the NeoRhythm App from an Android or IOS app store.
  3. Accept the terms of use and tap the EASY LOGIN button. The screen will take you through a first-time User Guide. Tap NEXT until you see the FINISH GUIDE button.
  4. Tap NeoRhythm once next to the led light indicator or micro USB port to wake up the device. It will start blinking green (1 blink per 5 seconds) to indicate it’s ready for your next command.
How to start using NeoRhythm - Omnipemf 1
How to start using NeoRhythm - Omnipemf 2
  1.  Activate Bluetooth® on your mobile device. If you have an Android device, enable Location Services. Detailed instructions on HOW TO PAIR MOBILE DEVICE WITH NEORHYTHM are available in the User Manual available to download below.
  2. Once connected, click NEXT, change the settings if desired, and proceed to select a stimulation program. Press SELECT and tap the device twice to start the stimulation (command will be confirmed by 1 short vibration).
  3. To stop or change a current program, tap your NeoRhythm twice (confirmed by 2 short vibrations). Select a different stimulation program from the menu, choose the duration, press SELECT and tap the device twice (confirmed by 1 short vibration and 1 green blink per second).
  4. To re-start the last used program, simply tap the NeoRhythm twice (confirmed by 1 short vibration).