NeoRhythm and Beynex

Train your brain with unlimited games

What is Beynex?

Beynex is an app that keeps the users’ brains active by playing entertaining exercise games and tracks their cognitive health by daily gamified assessments. The users can see where their brain health falls with respect to the normal level within their age group.

The team behind the Beynex app consists of over fifty neurologists, psychologists, and engineers, with over 15 academic projects published on prominent platforms. They use serious scientific research to create games that give strong insights into the cognitive abilities of the users.

NeoRhythm omnipemf
NeoRhythm omnipemf

How do Beynex and NeoRhythm fit together?

NeoRhythm, as a PEMF device, uses specific frequency patterns which encourage the brain to mimic the signals provided by the device. By doing this, NeoRhythm may help with energizing, vitalizing, enhancement of mental capacity, and focus.

One of the brainwaves the NeoRhythm emits are the Beta waves. When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates Beta waves. Beta stimulation improves mental function, and as a result, physical efficiency. Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind, most often during the day when we are mentally active and attentive. Playing games that exercise your mind (like in Beynex App) also makes the brain fit into Beta waves which is why these two products can be used together.

Together with Beynex, NeoRhythm can be a powerful mental engagement tool. NeoRhythm can encourage the users of Beynex app to reach their full potential, and Beynex can help NeoRhythm users track their improvements over extended periods of time.