NeoRhythm will help you experience new levels of calm and peace of mind.

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Whether you already have a mindfulness meditation practice or want to begin one, NeoRhythm can help you achieve heightened levels of calm, awareness, relaxation, and peacefulness.

Meditation is a practice that builds benefits over time. It is a commitment that gives you more advantages the more you do it. Using NeoRhythm brainwave entrainment technology, you can boost the benefits so that you have a productive and optimal meditation experience.

Meditation trains your brain to increase focus and attention, promote emotional balance, and physical and mental well-being. Meditating with NeoRhythm can elevate your practice to the next level.

How does NeoRhythm support your meditation practice?

The practice of meditation encourages your brain to make calming gamma and alpha brainwaves. Brainwaves are electrical impulses. As a portable PEMF device, NeoRhythmn introduces an entraining, synchronizing signal that supports and optimizes your meditation practice. NeoRhythm even has specific settings, such as Focus, Mindfulness, Quiet Mind, and Open Heart, programmed with different signal patterns that provide the ideal frequency range for your brain to experience each desired state.

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How are we influenced by different frequencies?

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Dr. Cody Rall

USA Navy trained Psychiatrist who specializes in neurotechnology

Dr. Rall also served as a board member of the psychiatry innovation lab, an annual national competition at the American Psychiatric Association.


Release tension with NeoRhythm

Confirmed in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Summary report for research of the NeoRhythm device concludes that volunteers who participated in the study felt more relaxed. Volunteers also reported that they felt less fatigued with lowered tension after using NeoRhythm. End results were compared to their state of mind before the start of the experiment. The biggest drop can be seen in the Tension column and simultaneously the biggest boost can be seen in the Relaxation column.

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Scientifically and clinically proven to help you

All frequencies and intensities have been scientifically validated and proven effective. This makes NeoRhythm one of the most effective electromagnetic devices on the market.

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Meditation practices

When meditating with NeoRhythm, you can choose from six settings depending on how you feel and your goal for the session. Each NeoRhythm meditative setting is expertly tuned to affect your brainwaves and awareness differently. With the help of neuromodulation, the targeted delivery of electrical activity, NeoRhythm influences specific parts of your brain to help you achieve the goals of the meditation setting you selected.

Focus Meditation

You might choose this setting when you wish to improve your focus, executive functioning, and alertness. This meditation frequency was created with traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation as the foundation, and it aims to achieve a calm alert state of mind with heightened attention, cognition, and tranquility.


Quiet Mind Meditation

This choice would give you more of a Vipassana or Zen meditation experience allowing deeper access to your subconscious mind. NeoRhythm’s Quiet Mind meditation is designed to expand your consciousness and awareness while quieting your internal dialogue. This leads you to being able to experience new levels of restful awareness.


Calming and Synchronization

When your brain is calm and relaxed – not really focusing on anything or thinking about one thing in particular – it is producing alpha waves. The calming and synchronization setting on the NeoRhythm guides your brain into an alpha state. At this level, your meditation is calm, balanced, and centered while cognition is elevated.


Mindfulness Meditation

NeoRhythm’s mindfulness meditation selection is designed to guide you into a light state of relaxed awareness in the present moment. This setting is ideal for when you want to distance yourself from your thoughts, quiet your mind, and explore your emotions, feelings, or other sensations. 


Open Heart Meditation

Like the goal of heart centered meditation, this NeoRhythm selection is best used when you want to emphasize positive emotions and open your spiritual heart. This practice can help you cleanse troubling emotions, feel calmer and more empathetic, and experience more joy and peace. It is ideal for improving your mood and reduce negativity.


Theta Meditation

Theta brainwaves occur when you are still awake, but your mind is deeply relaxed, almost asleep. It might feel that dreamy twilight state right before you fall sleep or like your brain is zoned-out and on autopilot. Theta waves are thought to be the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. You might use the Theta Meditation setting when you want to think deeply and creatively, use mental imagery, or make free-flowing connections. 


NeoRhythm Brings the Power of Nature in Safe Technology to You

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NeoRhythm is a natural approach to improving your health and wellbeing.

Our devices use the latest cutting-edge PEMF technology, with low frequencies that are already found in nature and essential to all life on Earth, to introduce and direct healing energy in your body.

NeoRhythm is a wireless, easy-to-use, non-invasive device that is comfortably wearable to give you the best user experience with the most options.


Are there any additional costs?

Each customer gets all they need for the safe and comfortable use of NeoRhythm. Shipping is free, while any import duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. For the US there is no tax on all purchases under $ 800, while in the EU, price already includes VAT.

Is NeoRhythm regulated by medical device regulations?

MDCN Tech Ltd. is a legal entity registered in the Republic of Slovenia (EU). The information provided on this page is including facts, which are aligned with European Union medical device regulation (MDR) 2017/745. This regulation will be one of regulatory requirements applicable for the NeoRhythm device, after transitional period. If you are visiting this website from any other country or territory, MDCN Tech Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided on this webpage under the local jurisdiction of that country or territory. For further information, please contact us directly or contact the regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over your area. NeoRhythm has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns.

What is the technology behind?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Devices that utilize PEMF technology emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate and encourage your body’s natural recovery process.

How do I use NeoRhythm?

NeoRhythm is app- and gesture-controlled. Connect it to your smartphone and choose between twelve different programs or create your own custom program.

Are there any side effects?

The application of PEMF therapy has no harmful side effects, either short or long-term ones.

Who should NOT use the device?

NeoRhythm is generally safe for use. However, people with certain medical conditions SHOULD NOT use the device:

  • People with pacemakers or other electronic implants, cochlear implants, or mechanical heart valves
  • Women with non-MRI-saf intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • People with active bleeding
  • Organ transplant patients
  • Children under the age of 12
  • Safety of PEMFs has not been established in pregnancy, although there is no evidence of harm. Most manufacturers warn against the use of their device during pregnancy.
We suggest consulting your healthcare professional before using NeoRhythm by Omnipemf if you have any medical condition or any concerns regarding the use of such technology.

May I use the device in combination with medication?

Yes. The device does not negatively interact with any medication.

How many people are using NeoRhythm and where can I hear about their experience?

More than 17.000 users are using NeoRhythm (and growing). If you would like to ask NeoRhythm users directly about their experience please join our Omnipemf community.

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