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– Synonyms: – Bedtime is synonymous with putting to bed or tucking in. – In certain settings, such as boarding schools, lights out serves as […]

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– Synonyms:
– Bedtime is synonymous with putting to bed or tucking in.
– In certain settings, such as boarding schools, lights out serves as the equivalent of bedtime.
– The term lights-out is commonly used in prisons, hospitals, the military, and sleep research.

– Newspapers:
– In the pre-digital newspaper era, a newspaper was considered “put to bed” once editorial work was completed and printing could commence.

– See also:
– Related concepts include crib talk, lullabies, and the sleep cycle.

– References:
– A study on preschoolers’ bedtime routines by Dr. Scoresby and colleagues.
– Research by Lauren Hale, Lawrence M. Berger, Monique K. LeBourgeois, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn on social and demographic predictors of bedtime routines.
– A Scottish prayer related to bedtime from the Poems of the Western Highlanders.
– An NPR article on sleep training truths and the science behind crying it out.
– A survey on practicing sleep coaches by Ingrama, Mindellb, Puzinod, and Walterse.

– Bedtime Rituals:
– Bedtime rituals for children often include bedtime stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and changing into nightwear.
– In some households, bedtime involves prayers before sleep.
– Sleep training may be incorporated into bedtime routines for babies and toddlers.
– Adults may have bedtime routines involving nightcaps or herbal tea.
– Sleeping coaches are utilized to help individuals achieve their bedtime goals.

Bedtime (Wikipedia)

Bedtime (also called putting to bed or tucking in) is a ritual part of parenting to help children feel more secure and become accustomed to a more rigid schedule of sleep than they might prefer. The ritual of bedtime is aimed at facilitating the transition from wakefulness to sleep. It may involve bedtime stories, children's songs, nursery rhymes, bed-making and getting children to change into nightwear. In some religious households, prayers are said shortly before going to bed. Sleep training may be part of the bedtime ritual for babies and toddlers.

Child Asleep (The Rosebud) by Thomas Sully (1841)

In adult use, the term means simply "time for bed", similar to curfew, as in "It's past my bedtime". Some people are accustomed to drinking a nightcap or herbal tea at bedtime. Sleeping coaches are also used to help individuals reach their bedtime goals. Researchers studying sleep are finding patterns revealing that cell phone use at night disturbs going to sleep at one's bedtime and achieving a good night's sleep.

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