Welltiss and NeoRhythm: Comparison overview


Is falling asleep and staying asleep taking a heavy toll on your life? Sometimes shutting off your eyes and hoping to sleep doesn’t work. You may have tried traditional medicine with little to no benefits, or even worse, you’ve become a victim to its side effects which detracted away from your overall happiness. Many find refuge in PEMF Therapy. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency. And PEMF has proven to be effective through countless peer-reviewed studies. PEMF is a non-invasive way (with no harmful effects) to treat/improve the condition of many disorders/conditions. Welltiss and NeoRhythm are both PEMF wellness devices notable for restoring sleep, relaxation, and much more. What are the differences between them? Many. So let’s start with the first device, which is..


Welltiss is a wearable PEMF device that helps you sleep, destress, meditate, and concentrate. Also, Welltiss is designed to help you restore your mind to its natural frequency. Today’s stressful world causes our brainwaves to behave like rollercoasters. Welltiss is built to restore our natural frequencies. What makes it stand out? Here are the…

Welltiss PEMF device

  • Four modes to choose from: Sleep, Stress Relief, Concentrate, and Meditation.
  • PEMF frequencies between 2 Hz to 20 Hz.
  • Companion app



NeoRhythm is also a PEMF device that emits frequencies onto your brain to achieve your desired mood. Similar to Welltiss, your brain responds to the frequencies deployed by aligning the natural state you wish to be in. Apart from enhancing your concentration, it can also help you relax, sleep, meditate, focus, or alleviate your pain. Welltiss has one coil, NeoRhythm has five. This allows NeoRhythm to stimulate any part of your brain. It covers the entire region of your head, rather than the front and the back part of your brain. What makes NeoRhythm a superb device? 


  • Seven stimulation programs to choose from
  • Companion app
  • Gesture-controlled
  • Backed by scientific studies proven to help you relax and focus.
  • An online Support Community: NeoRhythm users get access to an online community full of support and care.

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