The short guide to understanding brainwaves

If you’ve ever felt yourself grow sleepy while on a train ride, the repetitive chug-a-chug of the wheels lulling you to sleep, there’s a neurological reason for that. The rhythm of the wheels matches a brain wave state that encourages relaxing and sleep. Our brains take a cue from the movement of the train and mirror the rhythm. The result is that your state of mind shifts into sleep mode.

This is an example in everyday life of what PEMF technology does in a medical setting (and which you can now do at home, with NeoRhythm). Though it sounds like playing a game, Brainwave Entrainment is actually a thoroughly-studied, entirely safe wellness practice. Our minds function based on specific wave patterns that dictate our mood, particularly distinguishing between rest/relaxation/sleep mode and energy/focus/concentration/study modes. But there are other, more specific wave patterns that promote activities like meditation/yoga and can even help to control pain.

Each frequency matches a “state of mind” that we associate with specific activities.

Neural oscillations, also known as brainwaves, are reflections of repetitive electrochemical activity in the brain and central nervous system. They are similar to acoustic and optical waves as they also have a specific frequency and amplitude. Our every activity is reflected in the form of brainwaves with a dominant frequency and accompanying frequencies.

Gamma brainwaves have the highest frequencies (30 Hz+) and are dominant in states with heightened perception. Beta brainwaves (14-30 Hz) are dominant when we are awake and our consciousness is normally alert. Alpha brainwaves (9-13 Hz) are dominant when we are relaxed – still awake but less alert and perceptive. Theta brainwaves (4-8 Hz) are dominant when we are in a state of reduced consciousness – light and REM sleep, dreaming or deep meditation. Delta brainwaves (less than 4 Hz) are dominant when we are in deep sleep without awareness of our surrounding.

These frequencies of brainwaves are not just reflections of our state of mind – our state of mind can also be a reflection of these frequencies. NeoRhythm features five inverted coils, strategically placed across the comfortable headband, to produce harmless electromagnetic fields that emit waves in patterns that your mind seeks to imitate.

The maximum magnetic flux used by NeoRhythm is 25 gauss, which is well within the range considered entirely safe for home use, and which have been scientifically-confirmed to be effective and harmless. 

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