The Manual: Weird Sleeping Hacks to Help You Beat Insomnia

Probably many of us nowadays in 2020 have sleeping issues. There are plenty of reasons for you to be tossing and turning all night long. Especially state of chronic sleeplessness can feel exhausting. Even when you are too tired to stand up, the sheer frustration of not being able to fall asleep keeps you awake for hours at a time.

You’re not drinking caffeine before bed, you’re turning off your electronic devices, you’re getting in some exercise in the mid-afternoon, you’re settling into bed an hour before you hope to crash out, maybe even journaling your thoughts and feelings to calm your racing mind. Yet, night after night, you wind up staring up at the dark ceiling, still having issues.

Chelsea Batten has found some deep sleep hacks and in that way, she has recovered her ability to rest. She shared her findings. One of them was exactly NeoRhythm.

In addition, read what she has to say about this device.

Brainwave Sync

Luckily, I was offered a chance to test a brand-new device at the height of my insomnia. The NeoRhythm is a wearable device that creates a gentle electromagnetic pulse against your head. Much like a baby being rocked in a cradle or the even rumble of pavement under car tires, this consistent pulse induces the same frequency in your brain. That makes it a lot easier to let go of anxiety and tension. On the other side, it helps you to fall into a deep sleep. You can even choose different wavelength rhythms to encourage different brain states for other activities, such as beta waves for focus, gamma waves for pain relief, or theta waves for meditation.

Besides all recommendations, it is emphasized that if you are suffering from insomnia, you should definitely check in with your doctor. Trouble sleeping can sometimes be related to other health problems.

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