The Beauty Librarian: A Versatile Wellness Device – NeoRhythm

NeoRhythm is a well-designed neurostimulation headband. You can use it from home. It relies on safe, scientifically-proven technology called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. NeoRhythm offers a variety of programs that help the user achieve the desired state of mind. The brain mimics external signals which come from the device to help you in that through a well-studied process called entrainment. Each of the available programs was carefully designed by a team of scientists to emit specific dominant and accompanying frequencies that match the brain’s naturally-occurring frequencies in each given state of mind.

In terms of the headband itself, NeoRhythm features five inverted coils that emit waves.  The wellness device is designed so that it can be placed in a number of different stimulating positions depending on the specific program. So each position corresponds with its program to most directly access the part of the brain most involved in generating the particular state of mind.


I have not required much assistance because I found NeoRhythm reliable and user friendly from the first use. There is a Quick Start Guide printed right inside the box in which the device comes. Hence, I found it sufficient to get me started successfully.  NeoRhythm’s accompanying App is also very straightforward to use.  It is worth noting that both the headset and the App have worked reliably for me across dozens of sessions, unlike some wearables. NeoRhythm operates as advertised and is extremely user-friendly. Another remarkable thing is that the process is totally painless and completed within a range considered safe for home use. Likewise, a nice feature is that NeoRhythm charges quickly and maintains its charge for what seems like countless hours.

I use NeoRhythm at least a few times every day. This is a testament to how much I enjoy the device and the utility it offers. I find that the programs are incredibly helpful. Each user may respond a little differently to the 7 programs, and favorites tend to vary by the individual. The programs I find myself relying on most heavily are Energy and Vitality and Enhanced Mental Capacity.

As above mentioned each user responds differently and some of them need more time to see results. Find suggestions from other users by reading one of our customer testimonials.

In the end, we can that NeoRhythm is a ”ready to go” wellness device. Especially during this unprecedented and stressful time, NeoRhythm can be a truly valuable aid. Therefore, in order to find and read a more detailed review click here for the full article.

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