Ask an expert, answered by prof. dr. Igor Jerman to NeoRhythm users. Suggestions for better usage of different programs.

NeoRhythm programs

Enhance mental capacity program makes you sleepy?

NeoRhythm pulses aren’t invasive, aggressive. They support the brain in its effort to find the equilibrium, its state of the least expenditure of energy. Besides, the waves, although pulsing in a fundamental (declared) rhythm, are also rich in higher harmonics. Thereby, they offer the body (brain) a plethora of possibilities to enhance the most needed physiological state.

So, if your body is tired and needs a deep rest, the NeoRhythm pulses will not go against its basic needs. NeoRhythm pulses will support them. Also, they will ever meet the needs of the body. Moreover, scientists found and published research on the program for mental capacity enhancement. This program supports relaxation and nerve energy conservation. Therefore, it seems you need a deep rest to regenerate your body, and then you may expect that the NeoRhythm program will work in the direction of higher vigilance (the coffee effect).

How to use NeoRhythm’s deep relaxation program without headaches? Drinking-Water not helping. Half session time not helping.

I suggest using lower intensities in the custom program. Use 0.25mT and then later 0.5mT. If 0.25mT is efficient, then keep it at this low intensity.

Check out our blog about PEMf extremely low frequencies.

What frequency and placement might help with recovering from addiction?

NeoRhythm is not a healing device. It was not produced to heal addictions and was not tested in this way. Therefore, it is not easy to answer the question. The placement would be on the head, the frequency regime as high as possible (gamma waveband, for instance, the Program for Pain release (this would be my no. 1 recommendation), or enhancing Energy and vitality. The scientific research supports higher frequencies, although in some cases, even 10 Hz worked. Try Pain Program three times per day.

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