Medium: Short Sleeper Syndrome Ruining Your Life?

Short Sleeper Syndrome

Short Sleeper Syndrome (SSS)

I had never heard about SSS (Short Sleeper Syndrome) until about 6 months ago. A doctor friend explained it to me after he concluded that my being so fatigued throughout the day may be attributed to the fact that I never slept more than 5 or 6 hours each night, sometimes even less. That went on for decades of my adult life and I cannot recall how and when it started.

NeoRhythm appeared as a solution

How Rich Neher energized his world with a European gadget?

I had a breakthrough when I began putting the headband under my pillow and making sure my head rested right on top of it. My worries that I would feel the product were unfounded. I’m using ‘My Pillow’ and it is thick enough so you don’t feel the headband. However, it is not too thick so the waves emitted can’t be effective anymore.

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