Ride the (brain)wave

Brainwaves are the electrical activity in the brain. The brain has billions of brain cells that send electricity to each other.
Brainwave entrainment is, in fact, a physics phenomenon and is the synchronization of the brainwave frequencies based on the circadian rhythm* requirement of the body. The brain produces all brainwaves simultaneously, yet the specific frequency that is prevalent at a given moment or the brainwave pattern will determine the state of that particular individual – happy, wakefully drowsy, stressed.
Via the brainwave entrainment, when the brain acknowledges the frequencies suggested, it attempts to follow the frequency pattern. At this state, the mind is wide open for positive suggestions and influence. These same frequencies in our brain can become blocked or deficient under a host of circumstances such as stress disorders, trauma, and more.

What does brainwave entrainment teach your brain?

Restore and repair the brain

The rhythm of periodic external stimuli (electromagnetic impulses) provided is directed to deficient brain circuits, so by stimulating those areas, your brain grows stronger and becomes more flexible and efficient. By boosting the neurotransmitter levels*, our brain enables us to think clearly and concentrate.

Normalize irregular brain rhythms

It tames whatever brain rhythm imbalance is present in the brain, with one sole goal, which is to bring the speed of your brainwaves within a normal range. In other words, the brainwave entrainment makes sure to stabilize all the brainwaves that are either sluggish or hyperactive. It facilitated homeostasis (balance) and harmony (rhythmic integration).

Improve blood circulation and oxygen intake

The brainwave entrainment increases the amount of oxygen going to your brain, which presence is crucial for all brain activities to take place. The result is you being able to think clearly and respond quickly. It mechanically stimulates blood flow and makes blood vessels pump oxygen and blood into the body cells. No adequate blood flow means deprivation of oxygen in the brain, failing to carry out its primary functions.


Mastering others is strength,
mastering yourself is true

– Lao Tzu Quotes


* the 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings.
* endogenous chemicals that enable neurotransmission

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