Ask an expert, answered by prof. dr. Igor Jerman to NeoRhythm users. Ι Gamma frequencies

Could you provide support studies to use gamma frequencies like 33 Hz, 40 Hz, and especially 55 Hz to enhance focus and energy?

On our blog, you can find very comprehensive information regarding the usage of gamma frequencies, 33Hz, 40Hz, and 55Hz.

PEMF ELF (extremely low frequencies) biological influences

Does NeoRhythm adjust the impact of gamma frequencies? 

Q: Gamma waves are much weaker on EEG than for example alpha waves. So logically the device shall adjust the impact of different frequencies allowing a much weaker impact for gamma waves. The power of EEG usually goes down strongly after 27 Hz. This is not the case with Neorhythm and it brings some concerns about side back effects especially with constant use. Your opinion?

Prof. dr. Jerman: The NeoRhythm’s waves penetrating the brain are non-invasive. It means they do not provoke action potentials as it happens with an ordinary rTMS stimulation. Therefore, even the strength of Gamma stimulation (at least on the device!) may be high, the Gamma brainwaves magnitudes are normally read and given in electrical values (not magnetic). While with PEMF, we primarily operate on the level of the magnetic field, whose magnitude drops with the second to the third power of distance (depending on the distance itself). The actual electrical component of the PEMF induction in the brain itself may still be much lower than the strength of actual Gamma brainwaves. From this consideration, as well as from the knowledge of a vast field of PEMF use studies, I do not expect any harmful or annoying side effects.

What about much higher frequencies such as Lambda or Super Ripples?

Furthermore, this NeoRhythm’s user read expert meditators as monks which can easily reach these states. He thinks that it would be cool if we can fast track ourselves to that.

According to dr. Jerman: support the appearance of very high frequencies (up to and beyond 50 Hz). So there is some reason to connect high frequencies with meditative states, although normally, theta or alpha waves are strengthened, too. Frequencies belonging to the high Gamma range (80 – 150 Hz) were identified to follow selective attention. However, this same band of high frequencies was also found connected with epileptic seizures.

Is it the case that anxiety sometimes associates with gamma frequencies?

Q: One of the users was concerned with cognitive function. So she thought she’d give her neurons a good blast of gamma frequency, i.e. 50Hz. After about 10 minutes a feeling of dread and anxiety came over her, not associated with any thoughts. She turned off the device and the feeling went away. What would cause this?

Maybe, in this case, anxiety associates with the high Gamma frequencies. Gamma frequencies were otherwise also found during deep meditation practice. Prof. dr. Jerman would recommend using a program with the leading frequency in the Alpha band (like the Relaxation program). It would bring calm, but the second and the third harmonics of the basic pulsing frequency would still do the work in the Gamma waveband.

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