NeoRhythm User Experience: Portable PEMF device for Pain Control

Portable PEMF device Neorhythm

Everyone uses a portable PEMF tech headband device for different reasons: medicinal, psychological, or spiritual. The experiences are different and so are the results. Below you can find how Narchelle’s experience, opinions, and suggestions.

1. How long have you been using NeoRhythm?

I have been using Neo since June 2020.

2. How regularly do you use this portable PEMF device?

I use the device every day, several times a day. As a matter of fact, I literally will not leave home without it.

3. Which program or setting is your favorite or you use most often and why?

Pain Control is the program I use most often. I suffer from leg cramps that are just so painful. I started to realize that my cramps would melt away in minutes on Pain Control. Hence, I even tested it out by not using any of my other methods to get rid of muscle cramps, and in each case, my muscles would relax and the cramp would ease away. It even helped stop my leg twitching. I originally used it to sleep better. I use it on Improve Sleep, Meditation Calming, and Synchronization to get better sleep. It helps greatly.

4. Why did you purchase the NeoRhythm?

I purchased NeoRhythm to help my daughter with anxiety and focus. She was already getting Neuro biofeedback treatments and I wanted to enhance those treatments. She noticed that she could get more school work done without getting anxious with the unit. I purchased another unit at the same time to help me sleep better because of suffering from insomnia for years.

5. What is the best aspect of the NeoRhythm?

The best thing about Neo is that it works! I mean you need to play around with different settings because every brain is different. I purchase the units knowing that the brain is trainable. Also, I love the fact that it’s portable. I take it everywhere. Also, customer service is top-notch. If you have any issues they are there to help to resolve them.

6. What would you change about a portable PEMF device or the app?

I would like to see longer battery life. It does last quite a while though. I wish the little black taped-on fabric would stay on. However, a little superglue solved that problem. I wish I could set to different options and it goes from one to the other without having to reset. Overall I’m happy with the results I’ve received. They are constantly improving and updating Neo and the app.


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