NeoRhythm User Experience: PEMF Tech device for better sleep

PEMF tech device, NeoRhythm for better sleep

Everyone uses the PEMF tech device for different reasons; medicinal, psychological or spiritual. The experiences are different and so are the results.

Therefore, below you can read the NeoRhythm experience of one of our users whose name is Divya.

1. How long have you been using the NeoRhythm for and what are your observations on its effectiveness so far?

I’ve been using Neo for approximately 1 year now. It’s rather effective for various purposes although I have not explored all the possibilities yet.

Divya has been using the PEMF device, NeoRhythm for a year. She finds it effective for various purposes

2. How regularly do you use the PEMF tech device?

I use it daily at bedtime. I vary between sleep, relax and meditation programs based on what I need. It helps me feel fresh upon waking even with less sleep. I meditate so I tend to use meditate programs typically over the weekends. Off late I’m experimenting with some custom programs to boost the immune system of a family member.

3. Which program or setting is your favorite and why?

No favorites – meditation and sleep are the most often programs used. I’m looking forward to the lucid dreaming programs that I read will be released.

4. For what purpose did you purchase the PEMF tech device, NeoRhythm?

Prior to using Neo, I was experiencing sleep interruptions. I have experienced mind machines previously. When I saw Neo on Kickstarter I thought of making the investment to alleviate my sleep concerns.

5. What is the best aspect of the NeoRhythm?

The best thing about Neo is that it puts powerful technology in the hands of common people. Now we can boost self-healing via PEMF at our own time and convenience.

6. What would you change about the PEMF device or the app?

I don’t even get me started with what I want to change about the device and the app. Almost everything. This opinion is because I design & manage tech software & hardware products professionally.

App – needs to be more intuitive and one should have to come to Facebook and ask the community how to use it. It should be direct and help the business reduce support.

The shape of the device – but I know it’s a hard thing to change keeping in mind the manufacturing aspect.

The band slides off the head.. heads/ hair comes in various shapes and sizes/textures. Users are constantly complaining about it.
Some people find the PEMF device strong and can’t wear it. If I don’t have to wear it – the shape doesn’t make sense. If the shape/ fit were right then a headband won’t be needed. Also, the user cannot change or remove the battery. I’d like to use energy and mental capacity programs more but Neo is not suitable for use in the workplace. It’s a distraction in public settings.

The device design should be such that all the above problems are eliminated.


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