No1GeekFun: Scientific Research Made With The Technological Headband

The number of tech headbands using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology is very few. In addition, regarding this treatment method, which can be considered new, lots of research to be done has. Scientists, through people who use a wearable headband, known as NeoRhythm, how PEMF is effective in different conditions, what frequency the brain needs the best for an event, and this treatment technology, in the long run, tried to find answers to questions about what effects they have. NeoRhythm mediates the most comprehensive PEMF research in the world.

Furthermore, you can apply this wearable sensor to the skin at room temperature. It is sensitive to motion. The function of the product sends some rhythmic pulses to the brain after it is worn. These impulses, harmless to the human body, force the brain to take action for an event. Therefore, using this headband your sleep patterns can adjust, relieve your body aches, or focus more on what you are doing.  NeoRhythm offers a variety of programs. Team of scientists carefully designed each of the available programs in order to emit specific dominant and accompanying frequencies that match the brain’s naturally-occurring frequencies in each given state of mind.

Meanwhile, NeoRhythm, a tech headband that turned into a product with a crowdfunding campaign. Currently, you can purchase it through the company’s own Web site

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