Ask an expert, answered by prof. dr. Igor Jerman to NeoRhythm users. No carcinogenic risk with NeoRhythm programs frequencies!

carcinogenic risk NeoRhythm frequencies

Are frequencies of some NeoRhythm programs create the risk of being carcinogenic?

Q: Some programs of NeoRhythm use frequencies that are similar to the mains electricity power frequencies 50-60Hz which have been added to the list of possible carcinogens (doubling childhood leukemia rates in average exposure 400nT).

Prof. dr. Jerman: Potential harmful effects of mains electricity power frequencies 50-60Hz  on human health, especially its carcinogenic risk, have been paid a lot of attention. To match the true situation, a lot of epidemiological researches have been implemented, taking into account various kinds of cancer. For instance, leukemia, brain tumors, breast tumors, etc. However, no ultimate conclusions can be taken due to some negative reports and methodological flaws in epidemiological research. Besides, a potential oncogenicity has been tried also on animal models exposed to ELF-EMF with no consistent results found. In spite of this limited evidence for the carcinogenicity of ELF magnetic fields, just to be on the safe side, International Agency for Research on Cancer classified it as “potential human carcinogens (2B)” in the year 2002.

So we can conclude there is scarce evidence for the carcinogenic risk of the electric power grid. On the other hand, there are reports of correctly performed scientific experiments just using pulsed 50 Hz magnetic field stimulation of cancer cells. Undoubtedly it demonstrates its inhibiting effect on cancer cell proliferation.

Which are the differences between these 2 types of magnetic fields?  The one is alternating and the other one is static with 50Hz pulses?

There is a big difference between the oscillating electric (and concomitant magnetic) field of the electric grid with a highly varying waveform due to its higher harmonics fluctuation on the one hand. And the very rhythmic pulsation of NeoRhythm pulses on the other. The latter brings order into organismic processes while the former supports disorganization. Second, the structure of the Neo pulse is square with a high proportion of higher harmonics; scientists found it to be biologically much more efficient than sinusoidal stimulation (the essential waveform of the power grid). Third, electric grid waves are with us all the time. While the NeoRhythm is ordinarily used only for a shorter part of the day. Here, the organism has a good chance to take a due rest from stimulation.

Therefore, I (also being a regular user of NeoRhythm) would not be afraid of any adverse effect of its magnetic pulsing either on the emergence of cancer or the proliferation of the already present tumors. It may well work in the opposite, anti-cancerous way.

In order to inform yourself better, you should read our article about extremely low frequency (ELF) PEMF and cancer.

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