New neurostimulation device launching soon.

After 3 years of development, we finally came to the point where we can say – “we are ready” to launch the world’s first multi-coil neuro-stimulation device. I am proud to share the first pictures of it with you.

NeoRhythm differs from the rest in its structure, design, multi-functionality, and the actual effect it has on the brain.

NeoRhythm is the first gesture-controlled neuro-stimulation headband with proven efficiency and unique user experience.

What is NeoRhythm’s story of uniqueness?

There are no buttons you could accidentally press nor wires that would tangle themselves into a knot when moving around. NeoRhythm consists of five magnetic-field-generating inverted coils that help it efficiently stimulate  different brain areas by emitting scientifically-proven frequencies to achieve a desired state of mind,

Having sold 30.000 pieces of our first neuro-stimulation device has helped us enormously in defining and shaping the technical characteristics of its successor – NeoRhythm.

It is the well-thought positioning of the 5 magnetic-field-generating inverted coils, which separately and in-tune target specific areas in the brain  (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe or spinal cord) that make NeoRhythm the only device on the market that targets the largest and most precise stimulation area.

We finalized the development process with 2 double-blind placebo studies. The first study is already published and available, while the second is currently under review; however, we expect it to be available quite soon.

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