NeoRhythm, first gesture-controlled PEMF headband


NeoRhythm, the world’s first gesture-controlled headband

NeoRhythm is an unusual story to contribute to medical and wellness history. They began as a surprise crowdfunding blockbuster. With a modest target of $25,000 for their NeoRhythm PEMF headband device, they wound up with a viral success on IndieGoGo, raising $1.7 million.  Since the launch in 2019, the company has now sold over 8000 units worldwide, gathering the customers’ feedback to conclude the largest PEMF research to date.

NeoRhythm is a gesture-controlled headband that utilizes PEMF technology. It works by emitting harmless rhythmic pulses that encourage the brain to sync. The brain is thus compelling to go into various modes based on brain wave patterns that the pulses mimic. This can induce sleep, reduce pain, increase energy and focus, stimulate meditation, and much more.

First Large Scale Research on Relaxation, Focus, and Sleep

There are a handful of brands with headbands classified as wellness devices that allow users to choose their preferred brain state, based on what they’d like to feel. Many of the headbands have found a huge market and success with users. But actually, none of the companies behind them have truly put their products to the test through independent scientific research on a large scale. This may be because most companies simply rely on the fact that PEMF is tested, tried, and true and hope that customers will then assume that their PEMF-based product is, too. Or it may be because the other companies are concerned about what proper testing would reveal about how effective their products really are.

The research will examine:

  • How different circumstances influence PEMF efficacy
  • The most efficient frequency for the desired state
  • Examining long-term impact

The scale of the research part of the project is unprecedented, with more than 1500 PEMF users participating.  Research is undertaken in Europe at the BION Institute led by Dr. Igor Jerman, and in the United States by Dr. Beverly Rubik from the Institute for Frontier Science, California, both internationally renowned scientists and pioneers in electromagnetic and bioelectromagnetic therapy.


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