NeoRhythm Review: Best Brain Training Wearables of 2020 by Ben Angel

Your brain is just like any other muscle in your body. Therefore, if you not train your brain to focus, relax, and create is like not going to the gym. It needs as much attention for instance as biceps. And with the state of things these days, now more than ever we should be taking the time to train our brains in order to maintain our emotional control & build our resilience to stress so we can truly thrive in uncertain times & become Unstoppable.

So how do you train your brain?

You can read and practice problem-solving of course, but just like a gym, there are now a plethora of new and exciting devices available now to help you level up your training and target specific areas of your brain that need it.

Ben Angel, the author of the best selling award-winning self-help book of 2020 ”Unstoppable”, listed four of his top brain training wearables of 2020. He scored them on effectiveness, design, ease of use, and price.

The wearable marker is completely exploding right now. We have sleep and fitness trackers galore. The next wearable category to take off are brain training devices or otherwise known as brain entrainment. Some are deceptively simple and makes you are really powerful. He tested most of them. Regardless of the wearable that he will be covering they are all ultimately designed to achieve the same objective and that is to deactivate your fight or flight response. They just use different methods to achieve it.

In the beginning, he was talking about OmniPemf’s new device. According to him, this one gets the top spot for effectiveness. NeoRhythm uses electromagnetic therapy otherwise known as PEMF to train your brain to a specific frequency such as alpha, beta, gamma, delta, or theta. This type of therapy has over 10 000 research papers and 2000 double-blind studies published in the national library of medicine at the national institutes of health. PEMF is well researched.

He admitted that when he got the NeoRhythm device he was incredibly skeptical. The first frequency that he tried he did not notice that much of a difference. However, when he switched to a deep relaxation mode in the app it did take off the edge of my anxiety around deadlines and my thoughts did slow down. He uses relaxation mode before he goes to sleep. After that, he tried sleep mode in order to increase his deep sleep. Effectiveness of the device he rated with 10 out of 10.

Furthermore, everyone should evaluate yourself and your needs, your daily routine, and what you wish to get out of your NeoRhythm. Every single person is different and is susceptible differently. The update will allow for a greater choice between the frequencies and make it more customizable. Find here one more example of a customer’s experience with NeoRhythm.

Watch this video for a more detailed review. Likewise, you can get more information on NeoRhythm by checking out his bio page. 


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