NeoRhythm User Experience: PEMF headband device is powerful and versatile

User experience of PEMF headband device NeoRhythm

Everyone uses a PEMF tech headband device for different reasons: medicinal, psychological, or spiritual. The experiences are different and so are the results. Below you can find how Jackson Dean Chase’s experience, opinions, and suggestions.

1. How long have you been using NeoRhythm?

Seven months; since August 2020.

2. How regularly do you use this PEMF headband device?

Daily (multiple times). I use Energy when I wake up, then switch Enhanced Mental Capacity for focusing on work. The other programs I use as needed throughout the day, either sometimes or not at all, and finally, I use Improved Sleep at bedtime.

3. Which program or setting is your favorite or you use most often and why?

Meditation Theta is my favorite because it greatly aids my self-hypnosis work, allowing me to go faster, deeper than without it.

4. What is the best aspect of the NeoRhythm?

Its power and versatility. With seven different programs, I can use it for a variety of applications all on the same day!

 5. What would you change about a PEMF headband device or the app?

I am not a fan of the on/off gesture control and would prefer a normal on/off switch (which I think would reduce new user support tickets by 90%). I’d like to see the device have bold color options like blue, red, or transparent, perhaps with other cosmetic changes to make it look more cyberpunk and less medical.

The app’s UI is still weird and clunky after the last major update. I would like more explanation for the new custom options built into the app, but more than that, I would like to see new programs added to the seven as well as user preferences/customization options built into the existing programs.


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