NeoRhythm placed in the finals of the 12th Healthcare Innovation World Cup

NeoRhythm placed in the finals of the 12th Healthcare Innovation World Cup

This year just keeps getting better and better. After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and a large-scale PEMF research just recently carried out, NeoRhythm is also a finalist at the 12th Healthcare Innovation World Cup.

A little bit about the Innovation World Cup

For those of you who don’t know, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the most established open innovation platform worldwide. Each year, hundreds of contestants present emerging applications, solutions, and investment opportunities in new industries with massive growth potential. This year, we applied under the “Healthcare” category – the others being “Transport”, “Lifestyle” and “Sports”, to name a few.

NeoRhythm placed in the Top 12 and impressed the judge’s panel by showing how the best PEMF technology can not only be made into a device that’s effective, affordable, and easy to use. But also one that can constantly be improved and tuned to deliver the best results possible without putting any further financial strain on our users.

When is it?

We will be pitching our solution at the Healthcare Innovation World Cup Award Ceremony at virtual.MEDICA – the world’s largest medical trade-fair on Monday, 16 November, 14:00 – 16:00 CET in hopes of winning first place.

The focus of the pitch will be our recent PEMF research. And also how we’re using the user feedback to improve the NeoRhythm device. We can’t wait!

That’s great news! But what now?

It’s not every day that you place in the Top 12 in the whole world, which is why we’re truly proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in such a short time. And we couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support of our users who continue to help shape the future of not only NeoRhythm but the entire company as well.

We’re flattered to be considered one of the top innovations in the world we see this as one hell of a motivation boost that will keep us going in the future.

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