Ask an expert, answered by prof. dr. Igor Jerman to NeoRhythm users. Frequencies for the brain’s hidden abilities.

brain frequency

Which frequency (or frequencies) should be used to trigger the brain’s hidden abilities?

  • Extrasensory perception (ESP)

I would advise experimenting with the border between Theta and Delta waves. More precisely, I would recommend the frequency of 4 Hz. It is also very close to the first subharmonic of Schumann’s first resonance frequency. Try with the central position on the occiput. Alternate with the forehead position and the solar plexus.

  • Clairvoyance

The same frequency as the previous one. I assume that only PEMF will not suffice unless you are very talented.

  • Move objects with my mind only

Only NeoRhythm, unless you are very talented, would not suffice. However, it will help you attain a closer contact with your subconscious mind that may exert the wished influence. Begin with frequency 4 Hz and move slowly to 2Hz. Try all three positions and notice which works the best.

How long should you use NeoRhythm in order to notice results regarding these brain’s abilities?

In any case, you should follow some special training (course). NeoRhythm could help you here in great measure. The duration depends on the length of training.

Where specifically on the headband are the waves originating from and how far out do they spread?

The waves stem from the central coil and the side ones, the two at each side. The field spreads throughout the scull. However, the highest impact is received by the brain surface (cortex).

If you sometimes feel the faint warmth at the top center, it is most probably just a sensation. Since the power of PEMF pulsing is much too low to induce thermal vibrations. In this case, the frequencies, now in the ELF (extremely-low) level, should lay in the microwave waveband.


NeoRhythm can help to some extent, but it is not originally intended for triggering the hidden brain’s abilities. However, PEMF devices like NeoRhythm provides other benefits. Check out our blog about how PEMF can help you a higher quality of your life.

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