NeoRhythm at Nürnberg’s Embedded World 2020

Embedded World is the most renowned fair in the field of embedded software and hardware development. The main goal of the fair is to gather all the manufacturers and the service providers of a spectrum embedded systems including PCBs.

A PCB (printed circuit board) is one of the fundamental concepts in electronics, a thin board made of fiberglass, composite epoxy, or other laminate material. Conductive pathways are etched or “printed” onto the board, connecting different components on the PCB, such as transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits.

The PCB is on the most important and main components of our NeoRhythm which is why as having this novel device, our PCB manufacturers took part in this year’s Embedded World fair. The fair took place from the 25th till the 27th February, so have you been there these last few days you could have seen our innovation and try it for yourself.

This year’s fair was spread on a 49,000 m2 exhibition space that accommodated over 1,000 exhibitors that showcased their latest novelties in the electronics sector to more than 30 000 tech enthusiasts and professionals in this field of expertise.

Our product, the NeoRhythm neurostimulation headbands was being showcased by the PCB’s manufacturer Ltek d.o.o.. Ltek d.o.o. is a company specialized in manufacturing small-scale and medium-scale electronic components and devices and assembling printed circuit boards. Our loyal partner that helped us make our idea reality.

The representatives of Ltek was located in the 3rd hall on their stand 3-526. All the visitors of the fair had the change to learn what NeoRhythm is, get an in-depth description of the structure of the headband and get an insight into the electronic structure of the device.

A great thank you for all of those who visited NeoRhythm’s booth and learned a lot about the device, and those who weren’t there we hope to see you next year.

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