How to manage your weight with the help of PEMF Therapy?


00:03:01 – Reading time. Obesity is an underlooked, serious health issue. It can cause, is linked to, or increases the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, anxiety, body pain, and the list goes on. Hence, maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a healthy body and prosperous life. But can PEMF help you manage your weight?

There is no direct research proving that PEMF can help you cut down your weight or add a few pounds. However, plenty of studies showed PEMF could help you relax, sleep better, enhance your mood, increase your cellular metabolism, and improve your circulation. 

These benefits can indirectly make PEMF helpful in gaining control over your weight. In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities that make PEMF useful for managing your weight.

PEMF takes the stress off your shoulders

Many people indulge in unhealthy eating habits as a coping mechanism. Today’s world is stressful and uncertain. Some people take refuge by eating. There’s a scientific term for it; you may have heard it, called ‘Emotional Eating.’ It’s often triggered by fatigue, boredom, habits, or social influences. (1)

PEMF relaxes you. We don’t often make the best choices when we’re under stress or fear. A relaxed mind will make you think twice before deciding on munching out a chocolate muffin or a bowl of ice cream. 

PEMF devices emit frequencies that stimulate your brain to relax and soothe out your brainwaves. Thus, being relaxed via a PEMF device helps you avoid emotional eating and helps you with managing your weight.

PEMF helps you sleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed

It’s relatively easy to say, once you’re relaxed, you’re able to sleep better. Not just that, but you’re also much more likely to stay asleep and go into deep and restorative sleep. So, how does this relate to weight management?

One study by The University of Chicago found that being sleep deprived can cause you to gain weight. The research took 14 healthy adults and, within 14 days, has discovered the relationship between Sleep and Weight gain. Being sleep deprived increases your appetite and hunger. It also makes you crave unhealthy snacks and want to consume more in between meals. When you’ve had enough sleep, you’re more likely to control your desire and willpower to say no to junk food. But when you haven’t had enough sleep, you’re most susceptible to becoming a victim of unhealthy foods. (2)

Certain PEMF devices, such as NeoRhythm, help decrease your heart rate in less than 10 minutes. The breathtaking point is that sleeping well doesn’t only help you manage weight, but it also goes well beyond that! Sound sleep may help you reduce the risk of Dementia, Diabetes, Stroke, and much more! 

Once you’ve slept well, you’ll notice a significant change in your mood! Which is our next point…

PEMF indirectly enhances your mood, which will help you control your hunger and willpower

A good night’s sleep combined with deep relaxation is a formula for an enhanced mood! Being happy boosts your immune system. The result is an improved state of overall wellbeing and love for life. How does this tie to weight management?

Once you’re happy, you’re less likely to indulge in emotional eating. On the contrary, you will feel active and start engaging in physical exercise to flush out your excessive energy! 

An enhanced mood is the effect of the effects of PEMF.

Key Takeaway

A healthy body leads to a healthy, prosperous life. While PEMF cannot directly help you lose weight, it can combat and help you manage what causes you to gain weight by promoting a better lifestyle and overall well being. So, if you’re binge-eating due to stress, habit, or fatigue, then PEMF may help you manage your weight.


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