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Yan Hui

– Names: – Yan Hui’s courtesy names are Ziyuan and Yan Yuan. – He is also known as Master Yan or Yanzi. – Yan Hui’s […]

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– Names:
– Yan Hui’s courtesy names are Ziyuan and Yan Yuan.
– He is also known as Master Yan or Yanzi.
– Yan Hui’s father was one of Confucius’ earliest disciples.
– Yan Hui became a student of Confucius at a young age.
– Confucius considered Yan Hui his favorite disciple.

– Life:
– Yan Hui was from the state of Lu.
– He was about 30 years younger than Confucius.
– Yan Hui expressed his aim to find an intelligent king and sage ruler to assist.
– He wanted to lead people through propriety and music, promoting peace.
– Confucius praised Yan Hui’s virtue.

– Death:
– Yan Hui’s hair turned white at 29, and he died young.
– Speculation suggests Yan Hui may have had progeria.
– Confucius deeply mourned Yan Hui’s death.
– Confucius believed no other student could replace Yan Hui.
– Yan Hui’s dedication was highly valued by Confucius.

– Veneration:
– Yan Hui was honored by the first emperor of the Han dynasty.
– He holds the title “Continuator of the Sage” in the sacrificial Canon.
– Yan Hui’s sacrificial titles were fixed in A.D. 1530.
– He is placed as the first of the Four Assessors in the Temple of Confucius.
– Yan Hui is venerated alongside Confucius.

– Descendants:
– The Yan family originated from Langye.
– Yan Hui’s descendants received official ranks from Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei.
– Yan Zhitui, a descendant, served under several dynasties and wrote family instructions.
– Most of Yan Hui’s descendants were literati.
– Yan Hui’s direct descendant in the 79th generation is Yan Binggang.

Yan Hui (Wikipedia)

Yan Hui (c. 521–481 BC) was a Chinese philosopher. He was the favorite disciple of Confucius and one of the most revered figures of Confucianism. He is venerated in Confucian temples as one of the Four Sages.

Yan Hui
Yan Hui in Half-Portraits of the Great Sage and Virtuous Men of Old (至聖先賢半身像)
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinYán Huí
Alternative names
Yan Hui in his temple at Qufu in Shandong
Courtesy name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinZǐyuān
Yan Yuan
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinYán Yuān
Master Yan
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinYánzǐ
Posthumous name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinFùshèng
Literal meaningSecond Coming of the Sage
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