5 Ways Dehydration is Ruining Your Life and How to Stop it

Did you know? Your body is around 70% water and your brain is around 80% water, so we guess hydration is kind of a big thing. But how do you know if you’re not hydrated? And how to stop dehydration? Keep on reading as we reveal the answers to you.

1. Deyhdration impairs short term memory functions

With fluid losses comes impaired performance. You see, when levels of dehydration are above 2% body mass loss, results show reduced short-term memory, arithmetic efficiency, as well as motor speed and attention (Gopinathan et al. 1988).


2. Fatique, headaches, lack of mental clarity, stress and “brain fog”

Feeling moody? Yes, dehydration could be responsible for this, as it stresses out your body and the brain. Even mild dehydration can negatively alter mood, concentration, and energy level, according to the University of Connecticut.


3. Are you always tired?

Dehydration might be one of the causes of poor sleep and poor sleep causes tiredness. When we go to bed dehydrated, it can affect our cognitive performance the following day.


4. How is your metabolism?

Because dehydration impairs it. You see, metabolism is dependent on water, as the water flow through the cell membrane creates ATP (adenosine triphosphate). And put simple – ATP is what every cell uses for energy.


5. Dehydration can cause weight gain

As the metabolism slows down, your body is unable to burn calories and you also find yourself feeling much hungrier as usual, so eating more and burning less is a winning combination to gain a few extra pounds.



How to Stop Dehydration?


1. The purity of water

If your water is not pure, you are most likely not getting all the benefits of it. Just by using reverse osmosis system or a carbon filter system, you can greatly improve the quality of your water. These kinds of filters remove chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides from your water.


2. Keep it visible

As James Clear, author of a New York Times bestselling book about habits says – keep it visible. Ensure your water bottle or a glass filled with it is always in your sight, to keep you thinking about it. Out of sight, out of mind – in the sight, fully hydrated. Wait, that doesn’t rhyme, does it…


3. Add salt

You see, it’s not about drinking 5 liters a day, if you cannot retain and dispense that water in your body. That’s where salt steps into the game. Unrefined sea salt tends to work the best, as it also contains trace elements. You need about half a teaspoon of salt per 10 glasses of water per day. Exercise and sweating as well as hot climates require greater salt intake.

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